A Lebanese Couple Stitched Their Lips Shut In Hunger Strike

Fadi Ibrahim and his wife have gone on a hunger strike on Martyrs’ Square in a unique way that has attracted the awe and attention of all: They stitched their lips shut in a powerful silent statement against the officials disregarding the plea of the people.

The Lebanese economic decline started several years ago, affecting painfully those below the poverty line; those could at one point afford a little food for their families and then nothing at all.

The situation deteriorated slowly a little more every week until what is left of the middle class in Lebanon started realizing that they are next in line.

Business owners also started to get impacted. 2019 was a year troubled by economic and financial instability for many businesses all over Lebanon. It was also the year people couldn’t take it anymore and decided to revolt.

Human tragedies were observed in the country even before the revolution; someone even offered to sell his children. During the revolution, we’ve seen signs carried by people in Nour Square in Tripoli offering to sell their kidneys… 

Among those who have reached a point of no return is Fadi Ibrahim, a 54-year-old man who previously went on a hunger strike in Nour Square. Fadi’s unique yet outrageous way is what brought attention to him. He decided to sew his mouth shut!

In his interview with Lebanese news outlets, Fadi got to share that his hunger strike was a warning for the Lebanese government to start working on ending its corruption.

With promises from the government that his situation will improve, he stopped his strike after a few days.

Yet no improvements have been seen in the country and with the miserable situations of many; on the contrary.

Hence, on Tuesday, February 11th, Fadi headed to central Beirut, believing that the government will pay more attention to him if he goes on a hunger strike in the capital.

From the Martyrs’ Square, Fadi has now restarted his fight against corruption, and this time with his wife, both with their lips stitched shut.

Fady claims that this is to show the world that Lebanese people are fighting with their bodies and empty stomachs, and the government is oppressing the people with rubber bullets and tear gas.

He also said that he will only stop when the government listens to people’s demands. “All we want is to live with dignity nothing more,” he stated.

He also calls on the revolutionaries to go back on the streets, reignite the revolution, and return it to the glory it had at the beginning.

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