A Couple In Lebanon Just Had A Bicycle Wedding

Mohamad Zock

A newlywed couple surprised residents of Tripoli by touring around the city with all their friends to celebrate their bicycle wedding parade.

Siba Tabboush and Ahmad Derbass were cheered on by bystanders as their friends honked horns, rang bike bells, and performed the traditional celebratory ululation (zalghouta or also known as zaghrouta).

Carrying white balloons for the occasion, the group of young riders spread smiles and joy to the townspeople with their happiness. They were joined by friends from all over Lebanon!

The unique celebration is not unlikely for the couple, both of who are passionate about bike riding. In fact, the two are active promoters of cycling as an alternative form of transportation in Tripoli.

However, one would think the decision was surely also influenced by the current situation in the country. The couple opted for a nontraditional wedding during a time of pandemic and economic crisis.

“The pandemic was just an excuse. We used to joke about doing this instead of a traditional zaffe,” Siba told The961. According to her, the pandemic came at the right time for them to play out their dreams.

“Our families said we were crazy! But of course, they supported us,” she said. “Some of them even rode along with us. Those who didn’t join us said that they wished they did.”

The pictures of their bicycle wedding brought smiles to the families who knew the couple was a match made in heaven, “a pot that has found its lid!”

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A Couple In Lebanon Just Had A Bicycle Wedding

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