Courts In Lebanon Are Left In Terrible Conditions


The rampant financial crisis hasn’t spared the courts in Lebanon, impacting the judiciary work.

Judges in the Supreme Court are reporting logistic troubles in regards to their work at court.

In addition to transportation issues reported by judges due to the Benzene shortage situation, courts are reportedly clad in darkness because of the electricity cuts.

The courts are also enduring problems arising from water shortages, such as cleanliness issues, including in the Justice Palace.

There have been also complaints of a lack of required stationery.

The all-rounded crisis has made its way into the Judiciary sector, after crippling the health sector, among others.

It is unknown if the Finance Ministry is enduring the same, and hence up to start taking effective actions before the devastation across Lebanon’s sectors becomes too ample to deal with.

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Courts In Lebanon Are Left In Terrible Conditions

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