We’re Launching A Coworking Space In Lebanon With 24/7 Electricity & Fiber Internet

So we spent the past 4 months developing a plan to create a community of freelancers and companies that are able to but don’t want to leave Lebanon. One of the main points we kept on hearing is that, despite the crises, if they had a reliable connection (electricity and fast internet) they won’t leave.

Since our newsroom and media company requires around-the-clock electricity and high-speed internet, we thought we should share that infrastructure with freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and companies of all sizes that need it too.

We’re super excited to announce the launch of 961Offices – a coworking and serviced office space in Lebanon.

We guarantee 24/7 access, electricity, and fiber internet – among the fastest in Lebanon.

We spoke to Lama, a freelance developer who planned to move to Turkey just because she couldn’t find reliable internet. She signed up for a private booth at 961Offices for the next 2 years.

“I hit the jackpot with you guys,” she said. “I was sold the moment I walked in even though it was still not complete. The energy of the place is motivating. It doesn’t feel corporate or dull, you feel like you’re coming to work at Google! I can’t wait till the launch and the space fills up. Unless anything drastic happens, I’ll be able to stay in Lebanon near my family and friends for at least another 2 years.”

Mohammed, a freelance graphic designer who signed up for our hotdesk plan, tells us “commuting to Beirut and dealing with the traffic just to find a workspace with fast internet was a hassle and complete waste of time.”

“Regus felt too corporate, dull, and overcrowded,” he told us. “Most of the time I go, I can’t find a free spot to work – even though I’m paying for it. This was the main reason I was sold on 961Offices, you guys don’t overbook and guarantee I will find a spot to work when I arrive. So I don’t have to waste any more time and can get straight to work. Plus, it saves me the commute to Beirut. I’m definitely going to take advantage of the discount on advertising at 961 you offer as a perk to your members – something I don’t get at Regus.”

The first of 961Offices is located in our soon-to-open 745sqm (8,000sqft) headquarters. Members are guaranteed 24/7 access at no additional charge, along with a guaranteed place to work since we don’t overbook or oversell our spaces – a common practice in the industry as we heard from Mohammed.

It’s located in Jal el Dib, just off the highway. We share the building with Lebanon’s leading tech, media, and creative companies such as Toters’ HQ, Anghami’s Lebanon head office, Virgin Radio, Virgin Stars, Its. Communications, and more – creating a cluster of high-tech and creatives.

The building has 4 electricity generators, which we have topped up with fuel, to ensure round-the-clock electricity. There are also plans to integrate solar energy to provide a cleaner solution. In addition, Ogero’s fiber internet station for the region is set up in the building.

Our space contains an open area for hotdesks where you can just find any open spot and get straight to work.

In addition, there are private pods, private offices for teams of up to 32, a meeting room, a cafeteria with unlimited drinks (water, tea, and coffee), and a wrap-around terrace with incredible views for when you need a break.

It’s ultra-modern and guaranteed to motivate you the moment you walk out of the elevators.

Since we are a media company at heart, naturally, your business will get additional exposure from our PR and marketing.

We’re also launching a behind-the-scenes web series where our 4 million annual readers get to follow our team as we navigate news stories, our new projects, and ventures like 961Offices.

So you can expect our filming team to approach you in the common spaces to talk about your work. And if that’s not enough, members get discounted rates on all our advertising offerings.

If you ever want to work late into the night, you have 24/7 biometric access and we have security monitoring office to maintain safety.

Due to heavy demand, we have another 6,000 sqm of expansion space under development.

There will be plenty of networking opportunities and fun events, such as pop-up food tastings at our cafeteria by newly opened restaurants, as well as BBQs and happy hour on the terrace.

If you’d like more information, you can reach us by filling out the form here, emailing us at o[email protected], or calling/WhatsApp messaging +961 4 72 56 72

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