Breaking: Lebanese Army Bringing A Crane & More Rescue Teams To Retrieve Possible Survivor

A Crane & More Rescue Teams On The Way To Retrieve Possible Survivor

The outrage caused by the authorities stopping the urgent rescue of a potentially live person buried under the rubble in Gemmayze has turned the tables.

Shortly after ordering the rescue teams operating at the scene to suspend their work and resume on Friday morning, a crane was reportedly called in by the Lebanese Army to recommence the operation.

This was after many angry people rallied at the site of the rescue operation, demanding that the soldiers allow the rescuers to continue their work.

Consequently, the teams that had been instructed to retreat from the site where their equipment had caught signals of heartbeats are returning to the site to resume the operation.

Civil Defense units will also return with the Chilean team and the rest of the search and rescue teams that have been called back by the Army to remove the layers of rubble, under which it is believed that a potentially live child is trapped.

The work to reach the potential survivor and the dead body believed to be located in the same location is expected to take several hours.

The breakthrough arose on Thursday when the Chilean rescue team‘s dog led them to the destroyed site in question, where their sensors recorded a very slow pulse.

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