Curfew Restored in Lebanon Due to People’s Neglect

Curfew restored in Lebanon
Ahmad Moussaoui/Flickr

The Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Mohammad Fehmi, issued a statement on Sunday, May 10th, announcing a new 7 PM to 5 AM curfew.

“Based on the directives of the Prime Minister, it was decided to prevent going out to the streets and roads from seven in the evening until five in the following morning,” the Interior Ministry’s statement read.

The decision came in light of a sharp increase in the number of infections, recently recorded by the Ministry of Public Health.

Concerns of a new wave of infections are growing as daily numbers rise among both repatriates and locals.

This was after the Cabinet began to implement its 5-step plan to reopen Lebanon following nearly 2 months of lockdown, during which a similar curfew was introduced.

As for the incentive for this unexpected new curfew, a part of it was scoldingly phrased by Minister Fehmi as follows:

“…Because of the lack of commitment of many citizens to preventive measures and public safety, and because of selfishness, disregard, and indifference to their health and their communities’ health, which has endangered and will imminently endanger the lives of many.”

Minister Fehmi emphasized that the Lebanese people are just as responsible as the government for ensuring their society’s health, which is “a top priority that the law does not take for granted.”

On that note, the statement warned of the impending effects if some citizens continue to ignore the preventive instructions and public safety measures, such as those related to crowding, face masks, and social distancing.

If the indifference continues, there will be “a complete closure of public and private departments and institutions, companies, and all commercial stores, with the exception of the medical and health sector and military devices only.”

Not only that but citizens will be “prohibited from going out to streets under the penalty of the enforced laws, especially those related to epidemic diseases.”

Notably, Health Minister Hamad Hasan had previously warned that if infection numbers continue to rise, he will request a 48-hour-long total closure of the country.