Cyprus Sends 8 Police Tracking Dogs To Lebanon


Cyprus just sent a rescue team with trained dogs to Lebanon to help locate the survivors of the blast that destroyed a portion of Beirut on Tuesday.

Two police helicopters arrived in Beirut carrying emergency response personnel and eight police tracking dogs that will help search for any survivors still buried beneath the rubble.

The explosion was so massive it was felt all the way in Cyprus, 120 miles (180 km) away from Beirut. That is just a measure of the impact of the blow.

According to AP, the neighboring island nation will send medical aid, additional rescue teams, as well as non-perishable food items, aluminum, and glass, requested by Lebanon.

Cyprus has also stated that it will evacuate from Lebanon Cypriot nationals who have expressed their interest in returning home.

It is indeed a warming balm to the wounded hearts of the Lebanese people to witness all these countries rushing to the rescue.

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Cyprus Sends 8 Police Tracking Dogs To Lebanon

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