Czech Republic Just Designated Hezbollah As A Terrorist Organization


The Czech Republic has become the latest European country to designate all of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

On Wednesday, the Czech Chamber of Deputies voted in majority to adopt a resolution calling for the designation of the group’s political and military wings.

Currently, the EU has only designated Hezbollah’s military faction as a terrorist organization, but not the political wing.

However, the Czech Parliament’s resolution said Hezbollah was “an indivisible whole and a terrorist organization that significantly destabilizes the Middle East region and, through its global network, also threatens all democracies.”

The motion called on the EU to stop distinguishing between the political and military arm of the organization as it “acts as an internally interlinked structure.”

And although the Central European country doesn’t have its own list of terror organizations, the legislation had called on politicians to establish one and put Hezbollah on it.

The Czech Republic is the sixth EU country to make this move after Estonia, which imposed sanctions on the group last week.

It has joined the list of 65+ countries that have designated the Lebanese group as a terrorist organization.

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Czech Republic Just Designated Hezbollah As A Terrorist Organization

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