Daily Mail: Discovering Why Lebanon Makes For A Superb Holiday

While we Lebanese people know that Lebanon is a great country to visit, it’s nice to hear from foreign people recommending Lebanon as a country for tourism.

Discovering why Lebanon makes for a superb holiday

, an article in the Daily Mail talks about how Lebanon is the ultimate gateway for an awesome holiday. Alex Matthews, a Mail Online reporter and the author of this article, spent 5 days in Lebanon and visited historical sites, cafes, and restaurants. He also went on a tour where he got the chance to see the most beautiful sceneries. Since he stayed in the Phoenicia Hotel, he first visited Beirut. Alex fell in love with the lights of this city at night. During the day, he walked in the busy streets of Hamra. According to him, Beirut has a vibrant graffiti culture. Even though Beirut is an old city, it has a very futuristic aspect. Alex was fascinated by Zaitunay Bay. Beirut proved once again that it has it all: the old and the new. The article mentions that the palace of Beiteddine is a place that tourists have to visit during their stay in Lebanon. This palace shows the beauty of the Lebanese architecture through its mosaics, hammams, courtyards, glass windows, and furniture. Alex was also impressed by the beauty of the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque. Also, he was fascinated by the architecture of the Basilica at Harissa. The reporter stepped back in time when he visited Byblos which he describes it to be similar to an old Hollywood set. Of course, he talks about the great nightlife in Beirut, especially Mar Mikhael where it is the perfect place to dance and drink. However, you can also go there during the day and have lunch or simply to have a cup of coffee. Most tourists are usually fascinated by Lebanon, but Alex described our country the way we see it: ‘Life in Lebanon is like drinking champagne at the top of a volcano… there is chaos all around us but at least we have a good time’. And that’s impressive! Read the full article



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