10+ Distinctive Places In Lebanon To Have A Romantic Date Night

@khoukazphotography | @thebroadlb

Date nights usually revolve around good food, dim lights, soft music, and a nice ambiance. They can also be spent sitting at lounges or bars, listening to good music, and maybe sharing a dance.

And with long summer days, watching the sunsets are an integral part of date nights. Whatever your vibe is, here are some places where you can enjoy your next date night from dusk till dawn.

#1 Lola


A 30-minute drive up the Naas mountains, you’ll find this French Cuisine’s restaurant with an amazing terrace overlooking Lebanon’s coastline.


#2 The Broad

Here, you can say goodbye to the sun as it sinks in the horizon in beauty and paints all around you in golden hues as you step into the night, romantically, with your date.

It’s an open setting overlooking Jbeil and beyond, so you have also the view to enjoy.

#3 éCafé at Eddé Yard

Take a romantic stroll in the old souks of Byblos and discover this wonderful restaurant inside. It is a popular place, recommended by many, especially for its steak.

#4 Blu Grotto

Blu Grotto in Byblos Sud is a place to go when looking for an exciting sushi lounge and bar experience… right on the shore!

#5 Level 26


If you’re feeling fancy-schmancy, or are aiming to impress your date, a drink at the rooftop floor of the Four Season Hotel in Beirut would be your destination.

#6 Ocean Blue


For an ultimate romantic dining experience, very out of the box, and down to earth like old times, this place in Byblos offers romantic beach tents as dinner settings. (Very romantic, indeed!)

#7 Se Restaurant by Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue also has its restaurant Se where you can enjoy an exquisite dinner by the sea, but without getting sandy or dirty.

#8 La Creperie

La Creperie is a unique restaurant in Jounieh offering both Lebanese and International cuisine. Its view of the coast is divine.

#9 Zéralda

Also in Jounieh, this quaint French bistro comes highly recommended by many ….and with a lush garden perfect for a romantic evening.

#10 Babel

Babel in Amchit is another gorgeous place to have a date, specifically a seafood date. Consider going for an early dinner so you can catch the sunset!

#11 Bolero


You would love this one in Batroun with its unique atmosphere by the sea where you can chill romantically, and even indoors at its picture-perfect cocktail bar.