Daughter Of Beirut Blast Victim Shared A Heartbreaking Message Amid The Silos Collapse

Tatiana Hasrouty

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Disclaimer: The article contains descriptive content on the topic of the Beirut Port explosion that some readers may find triggering. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Tatiana Hasrouty, daughter of Ghassan Hasrouty who was an employee in Beirut port’s grain silos, shared a heartbreaking message amid the news of the silos collapsing after burning for weeks.

Ghassan Hasrouty was killed by the Beirut port explosion in the operations room while he was keeping track of the unloading of a grain shipment.

Since her father’s death, Tatiana has been expressing grief, sadness, and anger about one of the most horrific crimes in Lebanon’s history.

On Sunday afternoon, after the Beirut port’s iconic silos collapsed, she took to social media to express her anger and frustration.

“The silos, which withstood the war, and which he used to tell me, “nothing can shake it,” today it fell,” Tatiana said, sharing her father’s statement.

“My father died and those who were the reason behind this accident from warlords, to heads of parties, and representatives, remain,” she added.

Just days before the Beirut Blast’s second anniversary, the collapse of the port’s silos has revived trauma in many survivors, especially for the families of the victims who deem this news as “killing the victims once again.”

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