New Deal With Japan Can Secure 5,000 Jobs For Lebanese

New Deal With Japan Will Secure Jobs For 5,000 Lebanese
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The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and Social Affairs recently announced a fresh agreement in the works, involving Japan, that can secure thousands of jobs for the Lebanese people.

A meeting was recently held at the residence of the Japanese Ambassador to Lebanon to discuss an agreement between Lebanon and Japan that would allow the former to send around 5,000 Lebanese workers to train in Japan.

The meeting involved Tourism Minister Ramzi Moucharafieh, Labor Minister Lamia Yammine, the President of the Syndicate of Restaurants, Cafes, Night-Clubs, and Pastries, the latter’s Secretary-General, and Ambassador Takeshi Okubo.

The agreement, as Minister Moucharafieh tweeted over the weekend, “will create approximately 5,000 jobs” for Lebanese people, in the specific industry of “Asian, particularly Japanese, cuisine.”

On a side note, Moucharafieh recently warned that Lebanon’s tourism sector is in a “very weak state.” He said that the sector’s main problem lies in the recent difficult years and was exacerbated by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic and general mobilization measures.

The weakness of the tourism sector, which is one of Lebanon’s most prosperous, has taken a big toll on Lebanon’s flatlining economy.

To save the economy, the government is currently seeking the financial support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, the government seems to be showing “no genuine will” to make this happen, an expert has said.

To add to that, a Nissan lawyer has warned that Japan might veto the IMF’s aid unless Lebanon extradites the wanted fugitive Carlos Ghosn, who has taken shelter in his Beirut home since his daring escape from Japan.

As more information surfaces on Ghosn’s intriguing Japan-Lebanon trip, more evidence in support of the former Nissan chief’s assertions of innocence has been recently exposed, in the form of correspondence between Nissan executives.

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