Dear Lebanese People: Thank You!

Where do I start? These past days have been both amazing and exhausting for everyone in Lebanon. We are used to witnessing protests in this country, but this is no protest, this is a revolution, an iconic time: A Resurrection of the Lebanese nation! 


Not only has it been ongoing for five whole days, but it has also been growing stronger and bigger with every hardship that comes in its way. Protesters have been exposed to gunshots, threats, mysterious attacks, tear gas, infiltration of political-siding troublemakers, and even some insiders protesting the wrong way.

However, with every obstacle, people come back more optimistic and more determined, and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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To our dearest Lebanese protesters, especially in Nabatiyeh, Tyr, and Trabloss, we salute your bravery and resilience, and we wish everyone who got harmed a fast recovery and our sincere condolences to the martyrs’ loved ones. To the Red Cross our utmost appreciation for their relentless support to all on the ground without discrimination.

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To the Lebanese law-enforcement officers our love and respect for their endless work and efforts, and most importantly for the difficult position they are in, torn apart between their sworn duties and their love and empathy. For we know, they and their families have been living the same hardships as everybody. To them, we tell them, “You are our people and we are yours. We are all in this together. “


People on the streets all over Lebanon, or doing their part one way or another, have their minds set to make an improvement for every Lebanese person whether at home or abroad. 

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They are determined and won’t back up without ensuring a solid and healthy ground from which they can build a better future for their parents, children, and themselves.


To even think that, despite everything, our streets are bubbling with a beautiful energy: music, dabkehumor, gestures of love, weddings, and marriage proposals (you can watch the videos here), it’s simply amazing. I must say, watching the news has never been this great until now!

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Even the Lebanese people abroad are a part of it, holding protests in solidarity with their homeland everywhere in the world, and we thank them greatly. This solidarity is going to make a difference, the Lebanese flag that is being raised everywhere is going to do the job. The world is watching, as we write our nation’s new story with pride.


So for everyone who isn’t scared enough, hungry enough, or tired enough yet, thank you for loving your Lebanon till the end! Thank you for showing the world that we can be patient but not exploited, we can tolerate but not made to yield to injustice, and we know how to rise again and demand what’s ours. 

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Some might not be very happy about this movement of national Resurrection, but this we tell them, “You have your Lebanon, and we have ours. And ours is way much better.”

To all the Lebanese, be safe out there, and may we all finally get the life we deserve in the homeland we so much love!


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