Lebanon Just Announced A Decline In Hepatitis A Cases

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On Monday morning, the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Firas Abiad, announced to the press the decline in the viral Hepatitis A cases.

Dr. Abiad also talked about the arrival of Monkeypox tests, and the new COVID wave, and reminded the people to get vaccinated.

He revealed that “the cause of infection is pollution” and that measures have been taken to avoid another spread of this virus. “We have intensified examinations and are strict on the issue of water safety,” he said.

Some of the measures that the Minister mentioned in the past were sterilizing the water supply regularly, conducting awareness campaigns, and working with NGOs to provide the vaccine.

The Health Ministry declared the outbreak on June 14th and stated that the spread resulted from a mixture of sewage and drinking water.

This reportedly started in Tripoli, where the highest cases were recorded, however, the Ministry previously assured that there was no linkage between the outbreak in Northern Lebanon and the cases reported in other regions.

Hepatitis A is not new in Lebanon. It is reported every year in various regions. It usually lasts between 14 and 50 days and is more common in adults.

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