Denmark Donates Over 400,000 Vaccine Doses To Lebanon

@DKAmbLebanon | @DanishMFA

The Danish Ambassador to Lebanon, Merete Juhl, announced in a tweet that Denmark has donated 429,000 Moderna Vaccines to the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health in support of Lebanon’s vaccination drive.

Following the recent surge of the Omicron variant in Lebanon, many measures are taken to try to lessen the cases, including a campaign of vaccination of school students and the education sector.

The health sector in Lebanon has been under duress since the economic crisis hit, followed by the pandemic, the emigration of many doctors and nurses, and the Beirut Blast that devastated many hospitals in Beirut.

With the rise of the Omicron, hospitals won’t be able to cope with new waves of patients.

The Lebanese Vaccine Executive Committee announced that it is possible to register kids on the vaccination platform as of January 12th in order to vaccinate them at a later stage.

Last weekend, the Ministry of Public Health organized a vaccination marathon targeting students and those working in the education sector amid concerns of reopening schools. It resulted in 50,903 vaccine doses being administered in two days.

Despite these measures and the continuous threats, many in Lebanon are refusing to take the vaccine. Some have even organized a sit-in last Saturday to protest against “compulsory vaccination”.