Denmark And Norway Are Donating Over $4 Million To Help Lebanon

ยฉ Skeeze/Pixabay ว€ AFP

While mourns the victims of the devasting explosion that has hit its capital on Tuesday, the nations of the world are extending a generous helping hand to the Lebanese people who have been fighting for their lives for so long.

In these circumstances, Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs hasn’t hesitated to offer its help by donating, through the Red Cross, $1.9 million to , in addition to 600 chemical protective suits.

The Danish Minister of Development Cooperation, Rasmus Prehn, reassured the Lebanese people that his country, which is already providing humanitarian assistance to refugees in , will support “in these challenging times”.

In parallel, Norway, Denmark’s neighboring country, will be offering $2.74 million and 40 tons of medical equipment to .

The Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ine Eriksen Soereide, stated that there were no signs of injured Norwegian citizens; nonetheless, the Norwegian embassy in has been damaged.

Humanitarian assistance and donations are a beacon of hope that would help and rise again after these times of darkness they have been enduring lately.

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