A Dentist Was Found Stabbed To Death In His Clinic In Zahle

Elie Jasser

The body of the dentist Elie Jasser was discovered on Tuesday inside his clinic in Zahle at about 1 pm and transferred to Khoury Hospital in Zahle.

The dentist, who was in his thirties, was repeatedly stabbed with a sharp object, according to the Information Division at the Internal Security Forces (ISF).

The initial investigation revealed that the motivation behind the crime was the perpetrator’s “objection to the result of his fiancée’s treatment” by the dentist as she was allegedly complaining of pain.

The perpetrator, a soldier in the Lebanese army named by his initials S.F, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon to be transferred to the Lebanese Army Intelligence for investigation, and then tried through the military court.

The investigation is ongoing, according to the ISF.

The association of dentists condemned the heinous act in a statement, adding that “the judiciary has called for the perpetrator to be held accountable with the harshest punishments imposed on him.”

The dramatic event shook social media in Lebanon as the picture of the dentist circulated with people condemning the killing.

In parallel, the order of nurses in Lebanon also warned against the continuation of the series of attacks against nurses and doctors and stressed that the union should take a strong stand against anyone wanting to attack the nursing body.

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A Dentist Was Found Stabbed To Death In His Clinic In Zahle

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