Here’s What We Know About The Lebanese Dentists’ Elections Turned Chaotic

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The elections at Lebanon’s Dentist Syndicate were canceled after a chaotic scene following the destruction of ballot boxes while votes were being counted.

Lists backed by opposition groups claim they were winning, lists backed by establishment parties claim fraud.

There was an objection by dentists of their inability to see the results on a screen placed in the screening hall due to technical problems, which raised suspicion on the lack of transparency in the election.

As soon as the counting process began, unknown individuals entered the election hall where things became out of control as five ballot boxes were thrown on the floor

Captain of the elections, Dentist Roger Breeze, said in his announcement: “I will call for another election according to the union’s rules and procedures.”

Out of 4000+ registered names, only 2000+ have been counted.

Witnesses who were present said that chaos resulted after partisans of Hezbollah and Amal Movement destroyed ballot boxes when their group appeared to be losing the election. This led to a loss of count in votes.

A spokesperson said: “There were more than 150 people who were not eligible to vote and had begun with the destruction and chaos as they were not pleased with the loading results, which points out the politicization of the elections.”

Many are demanding that the Lebanese government needs to implement an independent Election Management Body to oversee all elections.

Dr. Michel Chammai, who witnessed the chaos, said: “What happened today in the elections of the Union of Doctors from Hezbollah supporters after their loss might be a message from their organization.”

Following that incident, the Lebanese public has been expressing their dread that the parliamentary elections will face even more chaos, conflict, and lack of transparency.

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Here's What We Know About The Lebanese Dentists' Elections Turned Chaotic

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