Meet The Lebanese Designer Gemy Maalouf Whose Concept Is Influencing The Fashion Scene

Gemy Maalouf

Gemy Maalouf started to harbor a great passion for fashion at a very young age. She worked on herself to blossom into a very successful designer with a well-known brand.

Her eyes for design grew when visiting her father’s fabric factory. Fascinated by it, Gemy got inspired to create her own designs.

Inheriting her love for textiles, Gemy committed to paving her way in the fashion industry using her unique and magical touch.

She maneuvered stunning bold colors, delicate fabric, and materials, along with feminine beauty to highlight sophisticatedness and elegance.

Her innate artistic flair expanded in 1996 when she opened her atelier in Beirut and became one of the first designers to launch the “Couture à Porter” concept in Lebanon.

Being a pioneer in the newly-introduced concept, her desire to showcase haute couture came in a manner to defy the classical aspect of fashion.

Her unique approach was then noticed as she started having fans for her high-end formal wear for the young and modern woman.

She aims to create collections that tell a unique story through each piece and expand through unique cuts and intricate craftsmanship.

Digital Creator Alexandra Zimny wearing Gemy Maalouf. – Photographed by Yelena Psareva

Gemy’s designs now have a wide reach across the world, being noticed in the world’s fashion capitals, such as Paris, Milan, and New York.

Her brand is present in 48 different countries and more than 150 brand boutiques, and the Lebanese designer is now reaching well-deserved fame.

She has dressed many celebrities, including public figure Sasha Ray, Model Milla Lapidus, influencer Irina Cerutti, Kelly Clarkson, Iggy Azalea, and more.

Here are more of her designs:

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