Lebanese Designer Is Creating Dresses Inspired By Historical Baalbek Temple

Ranim Naboush / Ramy Antoun

Ranim Naboush, a freelance fashion designer, launched a new and intriguing collection inspired by the Baalbek Roman Empire and the Temple.

Her collection represents the powerful and strong women of this culture, and the dresses have a modern funky twist.

Ramy Antoun

The collection was named “Once” because Naboush sees it as a mystery. “Once the woman was a goddess, once a powerful woman, once a warrior woman,” she proclaims in an empowering tribute to women.

Once, which is now on sale, was launched through a video presentation that portrayed the “concept of power and funk of a reborn Roman goddess,” Naboush told The961.

It was posted on social media with a caption saying, “A roman goddess was reborn to highlight the dialogue between history and modern funk… Each dress tells a story that merges between the current reality of fashion and the grandiose memory of the past…”

The dresses have elements inspired by the architectural details of the temples, like the lion, columns, and “the magic and glory of the temple,” Naboush tells The961.

They aim to “show the femininity and beauty of a woman”, while simultaneously expressing “her power and strength.”

Ramy Antoun

“I grew up listening to stories about the mystery of the temples and ever since I was a little girl, I would see the ruins and the temples,” she shared with us.

“The people from my hometown and I, we have a different perspective of the Roman ruins: they’re not just touristic sights, but to us, they symbolize our history and origin.”

The shoot was taken in Baalbeck at the temples themselves by celebrity photographer Ramy Antoun.

The collection is particularly special to the designer as a “matter of identity” for her, since she’s from the ancient city of Baalbeck, and she sought out to express her views on her hometown through her artistic masterpieces.

Ramy Antoun

Naboush aims to spread awareness about the forgotten roman culture, moved by the fact that Lebanon had “such a great and mysterious empire.”

She tells us that “seeing the Lebanese not give it great importance, is what drives me to do what I do.”

Ramy Antoun

Naboush comes from a family of creative artists. Her father is a dancer and choreographer and her brothers are film directors. That gave her the push to focus on her artistic side.

Ever since she was a young girl, she loved fashion and styling and the passion grew with her throughout the years.

Ramy Antoun

She graduated from the American University of Science and Technology (AUST) and launched this collection, which is impressively…her first.

Ramy Antoun

Inspired by Lebanon’s history and elegance, Naboush said that she has prospects to continue creating designs that express to the world that the Lebanese community will rise again, and against all odds.

She hopes to do so by depicting elegance, royalty, and a grandiose element through her dresses.

“The fine made ruins, the civilizations, and the multi-cultured community provides a vast influence and inspiration on art and fashion,” Naboush said, talking about Lebanon’s rich provision of inspiration.

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