How This Dessert Place in Lebanon Went Viral Around The World

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Better From Scratch delivers mouth-watering homemade desserts that are beyond expectations. Pastry rolls oozing with Nutella, cookies filled with marshmallows, and an eruption of candy rainbows…

Nahlan Saade, a graduate from International College (IC) in Beirut, decided to pursue her fashion degree in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. So how did she become the owner of a booming baked goods business?

Despite the freezing temperature of winter in New York, overloading stress, and time difference between herself and her home, Nahlan was determined to continue her degree in fashion.

Two years later, she returned to Lebanon for an internship opportunity in fashion and continued her studies online. When that ended, she had a lot of free time, so she began experimenting in the kitchen.

This went from inviting friends over for cookie tasting to starting a home business.

Though preparations were difficult, she didn’t give up. She started her Better From Scratch Instagram account, which received 1000 followers in just the first four days!

Orders kept rolling in…People really love dessert! But supplying for such high demands became stressful for this small home business.

At that time, Nahlan was still continuing her degree, taking 5 online classes. Being so preoccupied with her business, she began accidentally writing about cookies in her assignments!

Her hobby became a 24/7 job, and barely had any time to breathe. She knew that dropping out of university wasn’t an option, but would she give up this sensational business to catch up on studies?

Although sleep-deprived, Nahlan had the patience and right mentality to realize this was no coincidence. “I looked at the bigger picture. I was a 20-year-old who started something that was doing so well.” She didn’t quit.

After graduating, she opened up her store. Her Better From Scratch Instagram page now has 45.1K followers, and business is booming – especially with the lockdown.

Her video went viral around the world and she was reportedly featured in the US.

Another IC alumni also put her sweet tooth to business. She’s the Lebanese woman behind the viral Biscoff KitKat. Get to read about her also and how she’s succeeding in her career.

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