15 Desserts Places In Lebanon You Should Try If You Truly Have A Sweet Tooth

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From chocolate desserts to ice creams, to crepes and croissants, snd you name it, you can find all of those delicious confections in Lebanon. No wonder in that. The Lebanese people have a sweet tooth, a really sweet tooth, and they know their desserts.

Halleh temak is a commonly used invitation in Lebanon where it is, somehow somewhat, believed that “sweetening your mouth” does sweeten your days and takes away your worries.

And we love to believe it! Why shouldn’t we?

From traditional to westernized and international, you can’t just keep up with the richness of sweet options in Lebanon.

So if you truly have a sweet tooth or are just up to “sweeten your mouth” for a better day, here are some places to head to:

#1 Holly Shakes

Located in Bekfaya, Holly Shakes is one of those places where you can have delicious desserts and take some sinfully tempting Instagram photos. It likes to call itself “The freak house of desserts” and that is not far from its reality.

#2 Smushkies

Smushkies in Mar Mikhael offers tasty and tempting desserts, from cakes to crepes. It is a good dessert and coffee shop to hang out with your friends. You can also order online from their extensive menu and get it delivered to your place.

#3 Jessy Juice

Jessy Juice is known for its creation of the Sushi Crepe Boat that gives a new pleasurable meaning to enjoy pastries in its variety. The point? Why go for one type of dessert when you can enjoy a dozen at the same time without hurting your tummy? Good thinking!

You can find Jessy Juice in Batroun, Koura, and Ashrafieh.

#4 Frooza Booza

Frooza Booza is an ice cream shop famous for its rich variety of handmade ice cream rolls topped with chocolate, fruits, cookies, candies, or even desserts. They are just too good to ignore. You can find Frooza Booza in Mar Mikhael and ABC Verdun, and they also deliver.

#5 Chocolate Bar

To revel in desserts that will keep you dreaming, head to any of the various branches of FNB Chocolate Bar in Lebanon. Their sweet delights are freshly served with a twist of a show at the table.

They offer a variety of innovative desserts, as well as crepes and waffles. You might want to give their Chocolate Bar Bowl a try.

Locations: Hamra, Dahieh, Tyre, Nabatieh, City Center (dine-in), and Ashrafieh. They also deliver.

#6 The Conut Bakery

The Conut Bakery serves exquisite baked conuts along with chimney cakes and coffee. This place is great if you like the combination of donut dough along with delicious ice cream filling.

You can find this place in Hamra and Haret Hreik (delivery branch).

#7 Cold Stone Creamery

If you are an avid fan of ice cream, chocolate, brownies, waffles dipped in sweet crunchy toppings, and, let’s say it, delightful combinations, you must try Cold Stone Creamery in Bab Idris (downtown Beirut) or Le Mall in Dbayeh.

#8 Melt N DIp

Melt n Dip in Beirut is a Chocolate & Juice Lounge where you can delight in any of its variety of mouth-watering creative desserts, from crepes to waffles and ice-creams.

#9 Croissant Bar

Lovers of chocolate croissants and cinnamon rolls will find their favorite light desserts at Croissant Bar in Byblos (Jbeil), along with other choices like waffles sweetened with nestle,

#10 Bakerloo Cakes

Bakerloo makes handmade brioche, delicious doughnuts, luscious cakes, cookies, and brownies. If you crave anything sweet, you can find it in Bakerloo, located in Furn El Shebek, Beside the Lebanese University.

#11 Candy Cool Lebanon

Candies, candies, and more candies, with bright colors and playful shapes that will awaken your child-within, that is what you get at Candy Cool in the City Mall in Dora.

#12 Abu Zuhair

Located in Food Truck Park in Saida, this is the place to have sweet, fruity, and traditional drinks and smoothies. Their succulent menu will have you yearning for more.

#13 Wafl

Also located in Food Truck Park in Saida, Wafl is the place to go if you want to taste delicious and appetizing sweet waffles with icecreams and milkshakes.

And if you want, they also offer savory waffles to satisfy your salty and sweet cravings.

#14 Orso Bianco Gelataria

Orso Bianco in Ashrafieh offers handmade gelato and sorbet in creative varieties with particular care to the used ingredients. They also offer delivery in Beirut.

#15 Noura

A distinguished pastry and artisanal chocolate shop operating since 1948, Noura offers refined desserts and succulent chocolates, in addition to catering for events. You’ll find Noura in Sioufi, Sassine, Downtown Beirut, Zalka, Mzaar, and Jounieh, and it recently opened in Baghdad, Iraq.

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15 Desserts Places In Lebanon You Should Try If You Truly Have A Sweet Tooth

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