Details Of All 22 Complaints Lebanon Filed Against Israel


Israel’s recent actions, marked by a series of violent attacks targeting civilians in residential areas, have caused widespread alarm.

In response to these concerning developments, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants has taken proactive measures by presenting copies of 22 messages and complaints against Israel to the Secretary-General of the UN and the president of the UNSC.

These documents meticulously document Lebanon’s grievances against Israel since the onset of the attacks in October, totaling 22 in number and highlighting Israel’s violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

Lebanon’s communications to the General Secretariat emphasize the urgency of addressing Israel’s infringements of Resolution 1701 and urge UNSC members to denounce these attacks.

The overarching goal is to prevent further breaches of Lebanese sovereignty and avoid escalating regional tensions into a broader conflict.

The proposed documents not only refute the accusations but also present a detailed roadmap and vision for achieving lasting stability in southern Lebanon.

At the core of the vision is the full and comprehensive implementation of Resolution 1701, which Lebanon views as essential for maintaining peace and security in the region.

Resolution 1701, adopted, on August 11, 2006, mandates a complete cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel, with specific provisions for troop deployments and demilitarized zones.

Recently, the foreign ministry announced its plan to complain about Israel to the UN Security Council, citing disruptions to navigation systems and civil aviation around Beirut Airport.

Additionally, earlier this month, Lebanon’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants instructed its departments to submit a complaint to the UN Security Council through Lebanon’s permanent mission in New York, highlighting a recent spate of violent Israeli attacks and reaffirming Lebanon’s dedication to safeguarding its interests and sovereignty.

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