Canadian Police just released violent details of Lebanese girl’s murder


Nadia El-Dib

, 22, was found dead on April 1st in the morning in the backyard of a house in Calgary, Canada.


 confirm that Abderrahmane “Adam” Bettahar, 21, who was wanted on a warrant for first-degree murder was

shot dead by the Canadian Police

on April 5 at night. Abderrahmane suffered from a fatal wound following a police pursuit that lasted longer than an hour. At the request of the family of Nadia, the Canadian police released new details surrounding the domestic nature of the crime. The victim was stabbed 40 times, her throat was cut, and she was shot twice. Her body was found five hours later, according to


. The police said that Nadia and Abderrahmane were in a relationship in 2017 but were not dating at the time of her death. The two left a shisha bar at 3 a.m.on the morning Nadia was killed. She texted one of her friend saying that Abderrahmane “wouldn’t bring her back to her own car, which was parked near the shisha bar.” The killer legally purchased the semi-automatic rifle on March 10. Domestic violence is a problem in Calgary. The “police received 18,528 domestic conflict calls last year, a six percent increase over the five-year average,” according to a press release by the Calgary Police Service (CPS).

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