Details Were Just Revealed Exposing How Iran Smuggles Arms To Hezbollah Through Europe


In a recent report titled “Iranian bombs dropped on Israel are transported on ships using European ports,” published by The British newspaper The Telegraph, it was revealed that Iranian bombs destined for Israel are being transported through European ports, purportedly to assist Hezbollah.

According to sources cited by the newspaper, weapons and other items are first shipped to the Syrian port of Latakia before being sent to ports in Antwerp, Valencia, and Ravenna.

This tactic is employed to conceal the true nature of the shipments.

The shift to sea transportation reportedly occurred after Israel’s air force began targeting shipments entering northern Syria via land routes through Iraq.

A senior Israeli intelligence source emphasized that “using European ports allows Iran to obscure the origin and purpose of the shipments by altering paperwork and containers”.

Furthermore, the vast size of European ports provides cover for such operations, making it easier to manipulate and move shipments discreetly compared to smaller ports with heightened scrutiny.

The report also stated that Iran sends weapons directly to Syria, using separate routes through Europe to legitimize its cargo and divert attention from direct shipments.

The port of Latakia, a key hub in this operation, has reportedly been targeted by airstrikes in 2021, although Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for these attacks.

Sources indicated that since the beginning of the Gaza conflict, five Iranian ships—Deyzi, Kashan, Sheba, Arizo, and Azargoun—have unloaded their cargo in Syria after departing from Bandar Abbas, Iran.

These weapon transportation operations are said to be coordinated between Iran’s “Quds Force 190” unit and Hezbollah’s “Unit 4400,” which is responsible for managing weapon shipments.

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