Investigation Underway In Lebanon After 30-Year-Old Dies Days After Receiving Vaccine

AstraZeneca walk-in vaccination will be available again in Lebanon starting this week, the Lebanese Vaccine Executive Committee announced in a tweet on Wednesday.
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A man passed away on Friday, 3 days after receiving a shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine against coronavirus (COVID-19), Al-Modon reported.

The cause of 30-year-old M.H.’s death has yet to be determined by Makassed Hospital, where he was declared dead on Friday morning.

An investigation is underway to determine if the vaccine shot that M.H. had taken on Tuesday is linked to his death.

According to the Al-Modon newspaper, M.H. was suffering from chest pain on the day he received the vaccine at Mount Lebanon Hospital, and the person administering the vaccine assured him that he could safely be vaccinated nonetheless.

On Tuesday night, he experienced severe back pain, chills, and fever. He was told by the hospital that the symptoms were normal and instructed to take painkillers.

On Thursday, he was feeling better, but on Friday, after having a suhoor meal and going to sleep, he began to scream due to severe chest pain. He was taken to Makassed Hospital, where he passed away after suffering severe blood clots.

The Health Ministry is reportedly set to announce whether his death is linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine when the investigation into his death is complete.

Many countries have limited the minimum age required to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine. In Italy and the Netherlands, the suggested minimum age is 60, where by France has set it to 55 and over. In Finland and Sweden, it’s reserved for those aged 65 and over. Canada has lowered the age requirement for AstraZeneca down to 30 and over but has left it up to the provinces and territories to decide. In Quebec, you must be 45 and over to receive AstraZeneca.

The risk of bloodspots, hospitalizations, and severe side effects remain significantly higher if someone gets COVID-19 than receiving the vaccine.

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