London-Based ‘Dikkeni’ Concept Store Is Helping Lebanese Artists Prosper

Lebanese concept store 'Dikkeni' in London supporting Lebanese art
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The industries that are suffering the most in today are those that fall under the “luxuries” category. Among them is the creative industry, which has been fading in the country due to the ongoing .

In London, a new concept store is working to bring this vital industry back to its feet. Launched under the Lebanese NGO Impact , “Dikkeni” is an online store that welcomes Lebanese creative talents and gives them a chance to prosper.

Designers, artists, and other established and rising Lebanese creators can sell their art through the platform, which transfers net proceeds from purchases to support talents, brands, and NGOs in .

“Our primary interest is in supporting the designers and making sure that they can continue to produce,” co-founder Daniella Chartouni told Arab News.

“Our secondary interest is offering the relief to that it needs.”

The website was launched in May amidst the . It has since been featuring 8 artists and designers who produce sustainable artwork and products in various forms, including jewelry, photography, fashion, home decor, postcards, and others.

Dikkeni’s mission of offering relief to became more significant after the August 4 explosion, which exacerbated the readily-bad living conditions that many Lebanese had been suffering through.

Since Dikkeni was established, a second collection has been launched in partnership with the NGO Needs, which specializes in healthcare and providing medical assistance that is greatly needed in at this critical time.

and its people, no doubt, need all the help that they can get to rise from the recurring disasters striking them down every so often.

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