Lebanese Designer Dima Ayad Teamed Up With Iconic British-Based Shoe Brand


Lebanese designer Dima Ayad unveiled an exclusive collaboration with the iconic Malone Souliers, one of the leading British designer shoe brands.

The collection in collaboration with Malone Soulier is comprised of 6 signature designs, hosting textured, elegant, and eye-catching styles.

The Lebanese Dubai-based designer showcases dapper designer shoes of rich and iridescent colors, elegant fabrics, and signature pieces.

Inspired by everything metallic, Dima Ayad established her brand in 2010. She has been creating since then fashionable and timeless designs with a particular purpose: “Celebrating the female form,” as her slogan on her Instagram account indicates.

Dima Ayad has been featured in various regional fashion magazines, standing out for chic silhouettes she creates for grandiose events, along with multi-functional and elegant dresses and signature kaftans.

There’s also more to Dima Ayad than “celebrating the female form.”

She believes in the humane mindfulness to accept oneself and each other as they are in the moment, with no judgment, no discrimination, and no prejudice.

She has her own campaign about it called “You…As Is” with the slogan on t-shirts for all ages in English, and also in Arabic calligraphy which she did in collaboration with the Lebanese jewelry designer Nadine Kanso.