Dinosaur Traces Were Reportedly Found In Mount Lebanon


The Directorate General of Antiquities in the Ministry of Culture wrote to the Governor of Mount Lebanon, Mohammed Makawi, informing him of the discovery of a geological landmark of dinosaur traces in the towns of Ghosta and Batha.

In the letter, the Directorate noted that dinosaur relics extend along a wall stretching over 500 meters and date back to about 125 million years ago.

The Director-General of Antiquities at the Ministry of Culture, Sarkis El-Khoury, confirmed to Al-Jadeed that “there are no dinosaurs in Ghosta, but there are traces of their traces, which indicate that they passed through the aforementioned area.”

Al-Khoury added that the letter aims to alert the aforementioned municipality to preserve the place and to allow future research in the area.

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