Discover Old Beirut in These 15 Amazing Photos

Have you ever wondered while riding around our beloved Beirut how it looked like years ago? Let’s fly back in time to see the old parts of Beirut as you have never seen before.


Ramlet Al Bayda in the 60s

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Ramlet Al Bayda is a famous beach located at the seashore of the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Tripoli street 1963

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Tripoli is the largest city in northern Lebanon and the second largest city in the country after Beirut.


Clemenceau 1958

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Clemenceau street is a residential and commercial street in Beirut, Lebanon is known for its numerous medical institutes like the Clemenceau medical center.

Riviera hotel in the late 50s

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Riviera is a 5-star hotel in Beirut facing the Mediterranean sea, it was established in 1956 and holds a special place in Beirut’s history.


Horsh Beirut 1967

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Horsh Beirut is the largest park of the capital, it’s also known as Horsh El Snoubar.

This is how Al Manara looked like in 1971

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Al Manara is a small neighborhood in Ras Beirut, this neighborhood is famous for having the center and stadium of Al Riyadh sports club Beirut.


This is the Lebanese port in 1920

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The Lebanese port or Beirut Rafik Hariri International Airport is the main port in Lebanon, it is one of the largest and busiest ports on the Eastern Meditteranean.

Abd Aziz street in 1960 

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Abdl Aziz street is located in Al Hamra Beirut.


Riad Al Solh Square

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Riad Al Solh square is a square located at the heart of downtown Beirut, it was named after the first Prime Minister of independent Lebanon Riad Al Solh.

Beirut Municipal Stadium 70 years ago

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Beirut Municipal stadium is an 18,000 capacity stadium located at Abou Chaker street in Tariq Al Jdidi, it is used for multiple purposes, but mostly for football matches.


Jounieh in the 60s

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Jounieh is a coastal city at Keserwan district, it’s known for its seaside resorts and nightlife.

Gouraud street in the 60s

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This street in Gemmazye is named after French general Henri Gouraud, it is a residential and commercial street.


George Picot street Beirut 1964

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George Picot street is currently known as Starco center which is an office building and commercial center in the heart of the city Beirut.

Bab Idris 1971

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Bab Idris is a commercial area located in the center of Beirut, it was named Bab Idris after the Idris family who lived near the door.


Al Riyadh Club in the 50s

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Al Riyadh is a Lebanese basketball club based at Al Manara Beirut.


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