Discover The Beauty Of The Islands Of Lebanon!

If you want to go on a quick getaway, all you need to do is to go on a 40-minute boat ride! Palm Islands are three islands that are located 5.5 kilometers to the northwest of El Mina, Tripoli.

Lebanon has islands, and they are gorgeous!

The islands are called Sanani, Ramkine, and Palm Island. The latter is the largest island which is commonly known as Jazirit El Aranib. In fact, it is a popular destination for people who want to swim and relax in a clean and calm environment.

In fact, these three islands form the Palm Islands Nature Reserve. The latter is the home of the endangered loggerhead turtle and 156 species of birds.

The environment of these islands is also rich in flora, plants, and marine life.

The reserve is also rich in historical and archaeological sites such as the remains of a Crusader church, baths from the 13th century, and an old salt evaporation pond.

To fully enjoy the beauty of Palm Island, you can go on a hike where you can explore the historical side and the wilderness of the island. Also, Palm Island is a great destination where you can swim in crystal-clear water.

While you’re there, why don’t take you the opportunity and visit Tripoli?

Located in the north, Tripoli is the second-largest city in Lebanon. Get a glimpse of Tripoli by watching this high-quality video.

Just by watching it, you will realize that there are lots of things to be discovered in this beautiful Lebanese city.

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