7 Underrated Places You Must Discover in Lebanon

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The land of milk and honey is full of grand places just waiting to be discovered. Beirut, Jounieh, Byblos, and Tyre are lovely, but there are plenty of underrated spots that are worth a visit too. Especially if you’re tired of the city.

While to the locals these places are as familiar as home, residents of bustling cities would find relief in their nature getaways here. To name just a few of the more underrated places to visit, here are seven:

#1 Ouyoun El-Samak, one of North Lebanon’s many gems!

Located in Wadi Jhannam, 30 Km from Tripoli, this mountain area is home to a breathtaking lake and also waterfalls. It is ideal for hiking or a picnic, and also for photo-shooting. 

#2 Mseilha Walkway

Located in the north near the Batroun region, by the Mseilha Fort, this place is great for a hike on a sunny weekend morning.

#3 Litani River

The river begins in the fertile Beqaa Valley and flows into the Mediterranean Sea, north of the coastal city of Tyre. It is the longest river in Lebanon, ideal for river rafting.

The river, which winds and coils through the Bekaa Valley like a serpent, was named after a Canaanite deity (Lotan, Litani), a seven-headed sea serpent.

#4 Batroun

One of the oldest towns in the world, Batroun is a small seaside Phoenician city with ruins and amazing nature spots to be discovered.

The town is also home to historic churches and a beach resort and boasts lively nightlife with pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs.

#5 Hamat

With an old tunnel passing through the mountain, sea views for days, and hidden mountain caves, Hamat is a thrill for the everyday explorer.

The town of Hammat is perched atop the historic cape of Ras El-Chekka, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, the River Al-Jozz (Walnuts River), and the coastal town of Batroun.

It’s a beautiful old town hosting a historic shrine and monastery believed to be miraculous: Our Lady of Nourieh.

#6 Ouyoun Orghosh

This sweet getaway is perfect for camping and hiking in summer or a daytime picnic. The area is home to many ponds and water springs, surrounded by rough mountain hills.

If a picnic is not your favorite activity, Ouyoun Orghosh boasts several tented restaurants during spring and summer.

#7 Qamouaa

It’s a magical spot in Akkar full of trees and surrounded by mountains. It’s most beautiful for hikes in the fall.