Neighbors’ Dispute In South Lebanon Led To Deaths And Injuries


A dispute took place between two neighbors in Al-Duwair, Nabatieh district, on Monday, leading to the death of one person unrelated to the problem, in addition to 2 wounded.

In the details, a dispute broke out between Ahmed Sami Kanso, his son, and their neighbor from the Al-Kubaisi family. Other men came to stand with Al-Kubaisi and a clash developed with Kanso firing a heavy machine gun toward those present.

Hussein Muhammad Salman Rammal, who came to settle the dispute, was hit by 7 bullets in his chest and stomach, and other men were injured.

They were all transferred to Sheikh Ragheb Harb Hospital in Toul, where Hussein and Oussama Al-Kubaisi died.

The families of the 2 victims reacted by setting fire to a house and property belonging to Kanso, amid great tension in the town.

An army force came and cordoned off the place, while firefighting teams worked to put out the fire.

On Tuesday, Kanso surrendered to the Information Branch in Beirut.

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