DJ in Lebanon Performs on Balcony for Self-Quarantined Neighbors (Video)

Self-Quarantined Lebanese DJ

At the time of publishing, multiple pages were reporting this took place in Lebanon and the video itself is geo-tagged in Jdeideh, Lebanon. This leads us to believe it was in Lebanon. Several people brought to our attention after that it may have taken place in Italy. We are unable to confirm the origin or source to validate either information.

Lebanon officially declared a state of Medical Emergency on Sunday 15 March. But, even before that, the Lebanese people have quarantined themselves in a national attempt to control the COVID-19 cases in the country that have reached 99.

Several ‘Stay At Home’ campaigns appeared since the spreading of the Coronavirus in Lebanon worsened. Mainly, people are complying, but it sure can’t be easy.

In Italy, people sang together from their balconies while in China, people screamed words of motivation to each other from their balconies when things got tough.


In Lebanon, the same phenomenon is taking place. While Beirut’s streets seem kinda apocalyptic under lockdown, the balconies of Lebanon’s neighborhoods are more alive than ever.

In Jdeideh, a Lebanese DJ who couldn’t probably party this weekend in his favorite Beirut club brought the party to his neighborhood, right from his balcony:

However, if you’re not a fan of this kind of party, you do not need to worry because Lebanon has a talent for every taste. Watch a Lebanese boy playing beautifully his saxophone for his self-quarantine neighbors in Tripoli.

Nothing, and I mean nothing can kill the Lebanese spirit. It’s only a matter of time before Coronavirus gets beaten by this great and lively energy.

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