Minister Signs Document That Expands Lebanon’s Maritime Claim In Israel Border Talks

Minister Signs Document That Expands Lebanon's Maritime Claim In Israel Border Talks

Caretaker Lebanese Minister of Public Works and Transport Michel Najjar signed on Monday a document that expands Lebanon’s claims in the maritime border negotiations with Israel.

This move gives Lebanon an additional claimed area of around 1,400 square kilometers in the border talks.

According to local media, caretaker Minister Najjar signed the document after reviewing the reports of the Lebanese Army and the General Directorate of Transport and the attached maps.

This was after a meeting took place at the Public Works Ministry, between officials from the Directorate and a delegation of the Army, to discuss the amendment.

The meeting was reportedly attended by the military members of the delegation tasked with representing Lebanon in the indirect negotiations with Israel.

Lebanon and Israel started U.S.-mediated talks back in October, to settle their maritime border dispute.

The talks came to a halt before the end of 2020, after the Israeli side accused Lebanon of changing its position on the border demarcation multiple times.

Lebanon, which denied the accusation, has expressed its willingness to resume the negotiations with Israel.

Earlier this month, the country announced readiness to demarcate its maritime border with Syria as well.