Documentary About the Natural Treasures of Chouf Will Be Released!

On the 25th of June 2019, Farid Al-Boustany Foundation displays a short documentary entitled “Treasures of Chouf” at the Ministry of Tourism. This special event was attended by the Minister of Tourism himself, Avedis Guidanian, along with the Minister of Culture, Dr. Mohammed Daoud, and the Minister of Environment, Fadi Jreissati.  


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The wonderful region known as Chouf remains to this day as one of the most valuable to Lebanon. Chouf holds several valleys and mountains of Jabal Barouk on which the largest forest of the Cedars of Lebanon is located. Its natural reserves are open to tourists who seek to visit its majestic wonders.

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The Minister of Tourism stressed, “The launching of the film is a big and remarkable event and we are looking for treasure. We see Lebanon as the real treasure.” He followed his statement expressing his appreciation to deputy Boustany for his creative piece of art.

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Minister of Culture Dr. Mohammed Daoud praised the film that demonstrates the cultural orientation of the Foundation.


“After the remarkable work done by the Foundation to revive the second centenary of the birth of teacher Boutros Bustani, this is the day to carry out cultural work which deserves our appreciation,” Dr Daoud stated. “And here, I salute Deputy Professor Farid El-Bustani on everything he does to Lebanon, especially to the Chouf.”

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From his side, Minister of Environment Fadi Jreissati commented, “We are in a state of environmental emergency and it is good to shed light on the protected areas in Chouf, as stated in this film.” He congratulated Deputy Professor Farid Al-Boustany on that great achievement, calling everybody to represent him.


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The short documentary displayed the natural beauty of the Chouf region, reminding us of the respect and constant care we need to allocate to Lebanon’s nature. It serves as a wake-up call to all residents of Lebanon, whether Lebanese citizens or not to take care of our environment before it is too late. Nature doesn’t distinct, so neither should we.

The Cedars of Lebanon remain to this day a token of patriotism to all Lebanese individuals, a symbol of holiness and peace, and as an emblem of endurance and longevity.


The meeting concluded by deputy Al-Boustany’s closing speech where he expressed his feelings towards Chouf, along with his appreciation to Lebanon and its historic, sacred lands.

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It is expected that this documentary will be displayed to the public within the near future, presenting to all this majestic part of Lebanon and its natural treasures.