The 6 Best Dog-Friendly Hikes In Lebanon

6 Amazing Pet-Friendly Hiking Trails In Lebanon
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Walking your dog is a fun activity that promotes your health and your dog’s while offering a great opportunity to bond and spend time with them. And no place is better for a nice calming walk than a beautiful open space in the heart of nature.

Lebanon has plenty of such places. However, it can be tricky to find ones that are optimal for both you and your furry friend.

To save you the time of searching and inquiring, here is a list of dog-friendly hikes in Lebanon.

#1 Niha – Jezzine

The Niha trail that extends from the tomb of Nabi Ayoub to the Niha fortress is a stunning hiking trail that runs through agricultural lands and several springs, reaching Jezzine.

It is a moderate-difficulty path and a very popular destination in Lebanon.

#2 Kfarhelda Falls

A very refreshing site, indeed, with falls said to be the strongest in Lebanon, it is located in Kfarhelda village in Batroun district. The area feels like a lost paradise…

#3 Broummana

Broummana is another popular hiking destination with several trails and loops, some of which are fairly short and easy to complete compared to others.

#4 Sannine – Qornayel

The views that you will come across as you hike through this majestic area in Mount Lebanon are nothing short of jaw-dropping. There are also several natural springs along the path that extends between Sannine and Qornayel.

#5 Ammiq

A very common hiking destination with high biodiversity, the Ammiq Wetland in West Beqaa has several routes filled with awe-inspiring views that are unique to Lebanon’s largest remaining freshwater reserve.

#6 Chnaniir Nature Reserve

The Chnaniir Nature Reserve is rich with a plethora of wild trees spread across 27 hectares with dazzling sights that go perfectly with a hike with your dog away from the bustling cities.

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