Your guide to dog-friendly restaurants, cafés and pubs in Lebanon!

Dog owners would do anything just to take their pets wherever they go! Luckily, there are many dog-friendly places in Lebanon where you can sip a drink or grab lunch with your furry best friend!



Location: Hamra Price: $

Cantina Sociale

Location: Ashrafieh Price: $$


Location: Mar Michael P.S. The pets can only sit outside. Price: $$

Taqueria Del Jefe

Location: Gemmayzeh P.S. Outdoors only. Price: $$

Radio Beirut

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Location: Mar Mikhael Price: $

Memory lane

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Location: Mar Michael Price: $$

Matchbox Park

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Location: Gemmayzeh Price: $$


Location: Mar Mikhael P.S. Small and medium dogs can sit inside. Large dogs can only sit outside. Price: $$


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Location: Badaro Price: $$


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Location: Mar Mikhael Price: $


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Location: Downtown Beirut Price: $$


Colonel Beer

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Location: Batroun

Newtown Coffee – Specialty Roasters

Location: Tripoli Price: $

Warche 13

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Location: Tripoli Price: $

Rassif Café Location: Tripoli


Tavolino Pub

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Location: Tyre P.S. Weekdays only Price: $$

Mount Lebanon

Maverick’s Café-Bar

Location: Mansourieh Price: $$

The Beach House

Location: Okaibe

The Village

Location: Dbayeh P.S. Until 7 PM

June Beach House

Location: Amchit Price: $$

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