Dog saves owner from freezing under a pile of snow in Qornet Al Sawda!

On February 10th, the adventurer Freddy Maalouf went to Qornet Al Sawda to build a snow cave and experience something new. He was accompanied by his dog, even though a friend wanted to come along. This winter activity consists of digging in the snow and building a shelter. Freddy built the cave and placed his tent inside. However, things didn’t go as planned and the cave was destroyed leaving Freddy under a massive amount of snow. He wasn’t able to move, and the freezing temperature was not helping, according to


. His dog saved him by digging in the snow. Eventually, Freddy was rescued. It wasn’t until Thursday morning that he called the Lebanese Army, which was searching for him, and told them where he is. Freddy and his dog are now safe. This incident reminded us once more that dogs are indeed our best friends!

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