Photos of dogs being dragged behind trucks set off a wave of public anger

I don’t know what to say. A few days ago, trucks were seen dragging dogs from behind. This comes after a series of animal abuse incidents that Lebanon witnessed this year. Things are getting worse for our furry friends.

To remind you, President Michel Aoun signed the animal protection and welfare law last year. It regulates how people and establishments should treat animals. Establishments that do not respect the law will be shut down.

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One footage shows municipality workers in Fanar dragging a stray dog from behind a truck. Fortunately, two men stopped the truck and saved the poor animal.

The same incident happened in Zahle. The Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) identified the owner and conducted an investigation.

Via Lebanese Internal Security Forces


According to the ISF, the owner of the dog was taking his pet to the vet. He placed him in the truck. Later, the dog jumped off the vehicle, and the driver did not notice until he saw what happened in the mirror. The dog was treated for minor injuries.

The Lebanese NGO BETA shared a post to raise awareness on how animals should be transported because it seems like some people have no idea. 

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“The transport of animals is regulated by the Animal Protection and Welfare Law. There are also organizations such as the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) and IATA (International Air Transport Association) which set global standards and regulations,” said BETA.

Article 5.2 of the Animal Welfare and Protection law specifies that animals should be transported in the safest way possible meaning that dogs should not be tied in the trunk.Dogs should always be kept inside the vehicle. There are no other safe options. 

Take care of your pets and report any kind of abuse that you witness to the authorities.


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