Dolphins Spotted Visiting The Lebanese Coast (Video)

A video of a pod of dolphins swimming in the waters off the Lebanese coast has been circulating social media. In the video, the pod gracefully appears with the serene Beirut skyline in the background.

It’s not a surprise that increased animal activity has been recorded in normally busy cities after the world went into quarantine.

As research shows, pollution levels dropped during the global lockdown. The recent decline in human activity was an advantage to earth’s creatures.

Many animals have appeared all over the world invading city centers and other places they’ve long been missing from. One could argue they’re reclaiming their lands!

Wild boars roamed Barcelona and the streets in Turkey, pumas were unusually spotted in Santiago, goats claimed the streets in Wales as their own, and the list goes on.

Deer, foxes, and mountain lions have decided to explore new territory. Even an alligator was seen casually strolling on South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach!

In Lebanon, as people retreated into their homes and the city noises became minimal, cats have taken to the streets, and migratory birds were more prominent in numbers this year.

According to Reuters, SPNL (Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon) has documented nests for species that had not been previously spotted in Beirut, its suburbs, and other usually populated areas in Lebanon. 

Similarly, as the Lebanese shores have been unusually quiet without people and their activities, dolphins just came for a visit.

Under light morning showers on May 5th, dolphins gracefully swam into the Lebanese coast, just in front of Beirut Port. 

A video filmed by Bahaa Sleit shows a close up of the dolphins he found on his morning trip to look for tuna.

In other videos filmed by a lucky fisherman named Farouk Dagher, you can even faintly hear the dolphins. Dagher says that there are about three pods of dolphins.  

These videos serve as proof to the human race that with conscious actions and individual change, we can work to bring back earth’s wonders and live in peace with nature.

Some more sightings of animals unusual visits to cities:


Thailand (not a very quiet visit):

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