Donate Your Wedding’s Food Surplus To People In Need!

Millions of people around the world are undernourished, and a lot of Lebanese people are no exception. According to the Lebanese Food Bank, a non-profit organization, 37.5% of the Lebanese population lives in poverty. More than half of these people live below the upper poverty line ($4/day), while the rest lives below the lower poverty line ($2.4/day). This organization is actively working to meet its goal which is feeding as many people as it can on a daily basis. In fact, the Lebanese Food Bank has partnered with hotels, banks, caterers, supermarkets, etc., which collect their surplus of food and offer them to the bank. The Lebanese Food Bank collects the food and offers them to more than 70 NGOs that have different missions. This organization is also working on finding a sustainable solution for this issue that is affecting a lot of Lebanese families.

Guess what? You can help!

If you’re getting married, or maybe you know someone is tying the knot soon, you can donate the food surplus to the Lebanese Food Bank! In fact, this organization saved 200,000 meals from going to waste in 2016! Let’s make this number higher in 2017! Follow the Lebanese Food Bank on



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