Douma Lebanon In 10+ Amazing Photos


Douma is a breathtaking village in the north of Lebanon. It carries a Canaanite name that means calm. You can easily notice this region: Almost all the houses there have roofs made of red bricks.

If you want to see what an authentic Lebanese village looks like, then you should consider visiting Douma.

An impressive village with beautiful typical Lebanese architecture

Douma looks amazing even at night

Douma is abundant in olive trees, grapevines, and apple trees

Healthy local products

You cannot leave Douma without buying goodies made by the locals! From zaatar to halawa, you can find anything there! 

A well-preserved old souk

Local crafts in Douma’s souk

Authentic Lebanese village houses

This village’s atmosphere is perfect for people who want a getaway from the busy urban life.

Delicious breakfast!

Greenery abounds

Amazing sceneries

Homey balcony with a great view!

A look inside the church

Douma looks great even in winter white!

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