Prominent Lebanese Activist Dr. Mohammad Ajami Has Passed Away


The Lebanese people of the Revolution are mourning the loss of a prominent beloved activist, Dr. Mohammad Ajami, who they say was killed twice at the hands of the government.

Returning from the “Revolution Square” in Beirut, Ajami, 66, suffered a serious car accident around 5 p.m. on Monday when one of the vehicle’s wheels exploded, causing the car to swerve off the road and crash, An-Nahar reported.


After the accident, he reportedly seemed to be okay and did not feel any pain. The ambulance transported him to the Alaeddine Hospital in Sarafand, South Lebanon where he was asked to pay 500,000 LBP for medical scans despite not showing any symptoms.

According to information circulating on social media by people close to Ajami, the doctor-activist was allegedly refused treatment unless he paid a fee of 500,000 LBP (less than $50). By the time the money was secured, it was too late.

However, the head of the Alaeddine Hospital, Dr. Hassan Alaeddine,ย issued a clarification saying that Dr. Ajami, who first arrived at the hospital at 6:30 p.m. with head trauma and abdominal pain, requested to leave at his own will and responsibility without doing any scan.

He returned an hour later with severe abdominal pain and was reportedly yellow in color with swelling in the abdomen.

Alaeddine stated that the hospital took the necessary measures and after scanning found that Ajami had severe internal bleeding in the spleen and liver as well as a rupture of the main arteries.

It is said that he was admitted for an emergency operation 3 hours after his arrival to undergo treatment but later died in the ICU due to cardiac arrest.

The Lebanese Revolution just lost one of its most prominent patriots yet its journey continues along with Dr. Ajami’s legacy.

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Prominent Lebanese Activist Dr. Mohammad Ajami Has Passed Away

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