Drinking Water Panels Introduced to Lebanon!

In many parts of the world, people do not have access to drinking water. Instead, they drink water that might be polluted which is the cause of many diseases that can sometimes be fatal. The CEO and the founder of Zero Mass Water, Cody Friesen created a technology that can transform air into water. The device, called SOURCE, is a roof-installed panel that condenses air and produces from 2 to 5 liters of drinkable water per day. The reservoir can hold up to 30 liters of water. https://www.facebook.com/zeromasswater/photos/rpp.492223234299907/674521159403446/?type=3&theater SOURCE was introduced in Lebanon under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Wednesday. The best part of this technology is that even if the air is polluted, it does not affect the quality of the water. According to


, the American University of Beirut tested the water and confirmed that it is pollution-free. The panels need neither pipes nor electricity. However, they contain blocks of minerals which the water passes through to provide the essential nutrients to the human body such as calcium and magnesium. https://twitter.com/zeromasswater/status/914982330242158592 Zero Mass Water has partnered with Rene Moawad Foundation and installed 35 SOURCE panels in the following locations:

  • Eimar Public School
  • Institut Technique Rene Moawad
  • Dar al-Aytam
  • Caritas Elder House

In fact, there are four more sites where these panels will be placed. Soon, SOURCE will be available in the Lebanese market for $2,500. To note, the lifespan of the panel is ten years. Also, there is a way to help a family in need to get a SOURCE panel. While buying a source product, the client can pay extra to help someone else buy a panel. The family that will receive it will pay only for installation and shipping.

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