The Drug Dealer Abu Al-Ward Was Arrested In North Lebanon


As part of the continuous follow-up to combat drug trafficking and promotion, information was available to the Internal Security Forces (ISF) about the drug trafficker nicknamed Abu Al-Ward who has been active in the city of Tripoli.

As a result of monitoring and tracking, the ISF found out that he is actively promoting drugs daily and is always armed. He was identified as A. R., a Syrian national born in 1995.

As now announced by the ISF, a force of the Special Group set up a tight ambush in Dahr El-Ain – Koura on August 27th and was able to arrest him.

The suspect was caught with a quantity of marijuana, a scale and nylon bags used in packing drugs, a military pistol, a cell phone, and a sum of money.

The seized items and the suspect have been placed under the competent reference for further investigation, based on the reference of the judiciary.