Enormous ‘Made In Lebanon’ Drug Shipment Caught In Egypt

Enormous Drug Shipment Coming From Lebanon Caught In Egypt
Egyptian Interior Ministry

was revealed to be the origin of a massive drug shipment, involving tons of cannabis and millions of fenethylline hydrochloride (Captagon) pills, recently busted in .

The drugs were found in a shipment that recently reached ’s Port Said, which was only supposed to be a transit point in its path toward Khoms, Libya, the intended final destination.

The container wherein the 8.225 tons of cannabis and over 8 million Captagon pills were discovered was loaded on December 19th, 2020, in a warehouse belonging to the exporting company in , before being sent to the Port of .

A photo showing some of the drugs caught by the Egyptian authorities last week.
Egyptian Interior Ministry

Curiously, the container faced no trouble passing through local customs inspection, and departed smoothly from on January 2nd, reaching the next day.

With that said, what’s particularly strange is the fact that the drugs were packed in plastic bags, not all of which were well-hidden inside the container, a security official told Nidaa Al-Watan.

The official said the drugs were likely manufactured in and smuggled through illegal land routes toward the warehouse of the plastic fabrication company, which in turn packed the narcotic substances into boxes of its own, bearing the signature, “Made in .”

The street value of the drugs was estimated to be nearly $39 million.

“The shipment then left [ Port] illegally, through a bribe or something similar, toward Libya through Port Said.”

The street value of the busted drugs was estimated by the Egyptian Interior Ministry to be close to $39 million.

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