Drunk Teens Arrested After Trying To Cross Into Israel From Lebanon


Lebanese officials have arrested three young men after attempting to cross the country’s disputed southern border while under the influence of alcohol, resulting in them being fired at by Israeli forces.

News of a security breach along the disputed border between Israel and Lebanon was initially announced on Tuesday by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

According to Newsweek, the IDF sent out an alert that a group of unidentified suspects had approached the security fence, with one of the suspects climbing the security fence and crossing a few meters into Israeli territory before returning to Lebanon shortly after.

“IDF troops who arrived at the scene spotted the suspects in Lebanese territory after the crossing had occurred and operated to stop the suspects by firing into the air,” the media outlet stated. “The suspects were monitored by IDF observation troops throughout the entire incident.”

Israeli army forces seen stationed near the border between Israel and Lebanon. Credits: David Cohen

However, after a subsequent search was done, it was confirmed that no further infiltration into Israeli territory occurred.

After the alert was issued, the Lebanese Armed Forces published its own statement, providing more information and announcing three arrests.

“A patrol from the Intelligence Directorate stopped three young men as they approached the technical fence in the Sahl al-Khiam area while they were apparently drunk, and the Israeli enemy forces fired at them,” the statement said.

An investigation into the incident and the suspects was referred to a relevant judiciary in Lebanon.

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