People in Dubai Must Apply for Permit to Leave their Homes During Curfew

Dubai Media Office

Governments around the world have been having a hard time getting their residents to stay at home. This is making their work to contain and/or manage the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in their countries even tougher.

In Dubai, until a few days ago, people were seen gathering around as if the coronavirus is of no lurking threat to them. The UAE authorities had to launch a National Disinfection Program, using drones to disinfect the cities, and forcing people to stay at home.

They also implemented a curfew that starts at 8 PM and extends until 6 AM. However, as it appears, some were still breaking the rules of quarantine, which requires them not to leave home unless strictly necessary during the disinfection campaign.

Hence, the authorities moved into imposing even stricter measures to ensure that the curfew is respected. In order to leave their home for these “strictly necessary” matters at night, the residents must apply for a permit online.

Radars have been activated as well on the highways, according to Al-Arabiya, to detect those violating the curfew traffic restrictions at nights during the sanitation campaign. Only those who managed to obtain the permit will be exempted from a penalty.

For that purpose, Dubai’s Crisis and Disaster Management Team launched a new website to facilitate the applications for permits, according to a tweet by the Dubai Media Office.

These permits would allow outdoor mobility for the residents only “for essential work or necessary purposes” during the nighttime curfew.

As of yet, it is unclear if the must of mobility’s permit will end at the completion of the sanitation campaign or it will be extended to ensure quarantine until the outbreak is controlled.

In fact, UAE authorities just announced on Saturday that the campaign, which was supposed to end on Sunday, is now extended, along with the curfew, until April 5th, according to Arabian Business.

Dubai authorities have already instructed businesses early this week “to implement remote working for 80 percent of their employees until April 9th at least,” according to Al-Arabiya. These new measures don’t apply to supermarkets, pharmacies, grocery stores, and cooperative societies.

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