4.3 Magnitude Earthquake Felt Across Lebanon

A 4.3 magnitude earthquake was felt in Lebanon on Wednesday night. The minor tremor originated from Lake Tiberias in Palestine and was felt by people in Syria and Jordan as well.

According to the Richter magnitude scale, the earthquake that was felt in the region is light and generally causes none to minimal damage.

Lebanon and earthquakes

Lebanese people feel earthquakes every now and then. They are usually minor and rarely cause damage. However, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake shook Lebanon on July 9th, 551.

The tremor is known as the 551 Beirut Earthquake. The latter triggered a devastating tsunami that affected the whole coast from Tyre to Tripoli. Approximately 30,000 people were killed and many ships sank.

The 1956 Chim earthquake destroyed thousands of buildings and left 136 people dead and 500 injured. The epicenter was located in Chouf. The 5.6 magnitude tremor also destroyed the infrastructure and many roads.

On February 12th, 2008, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake hit Lebanon. It was followed by hundreds of light tremors that people in Lebanon did not feel.

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